Repair & Rehabilitation
Antares is a specialist at managing projects involving structural repair and rehabilitation. Team members hold a variety of expertise in civil and structural engineering, heavy construction, and project management. Our approach focuses on providing practical and cost-effective solutions using the most up-to-date technology and construction practices to ensure the integrity and longevity of structures.

• Concrete rehabilitation
• Concrete waterproofing
• Coatings
• Non-destructive testing
• Foundation repairs

Antares has managed numerous detailed inspections of water passages in hydroelectric generating stations including intake towers, a 5 kilometer underground tunnel, vertical surge shafts, tailraces, and high-angle penstocks. The scope of these projects have included non-destructive testing, sonar, diving teams, rope access specialists, and structural engineers. To safely execute past inspections, we have implemented safe work procedures to address working in confined spaces, rope access, and environments with heavy metal contamination.

Environmental Work
Antares has experience managing a range of environmentally sensitive projects. Our team's combined experience in water systems engineering and heavy civil construction provides a unique approach and ability to identify and handle environmental work. Project history includes oil spill containment facilities, reservoir dredging, and debris removal and the removal and disposal of electrical transformers. We always ensures that environmental aspects of the work are completed to the highest standards.

• Implementing environmental management plans
• Riparian zone environmentally sensitive construction
• Management and implementation of regulatory impact review

Heavy Civil Projects
Antares has a wide range of experience managing civil construction works. Project history includes highway and road building, concrete structure remediation, large roof replacements, pipeline repairs, and dredging.

• Highway and road construction
• Bridge construction
• Engineered earth fills
• Scaling
• Retaining walls
• Concrete structure remediation
• Large roof replacements
• Pipeline repairs
• Dredging
• Air lifting
• Rock blasting
• Slope stabilization
• Geotechnical site analysis
• Watercourse setback variance
• Land clearing and grubbing

At Antares, attention to detail counts; there is no compromise when it comes to quality, durability, and workmanship. Past projects have included municipal and specialty permitting, national home warranty, inspections, planning, design, and contractor quality assurance. Preceding projects encompassed:

• Remote area construction
• First Nation housing developments
• Home automation
• Alternative energy (radiant, geothermal)
• Pool/spa construction
• Mould and water damage inspection/ remediation
• Luxury construction with exotic materials